Better Being

The name of my teaching business is betterATbeing / Alexander Technique. I hope you will visit my website,

I chose to call my business betterATbeing / Alexander Technique because it emphasizes the aspect of AT which is about the state of readiness from which we do everything else.

People ask me, “Alexander, well that’s a movement method, isn’t it?” and I answer that yes, it is about movement, but in a sense it’s really about developing a basis for being ready for movement, or whatever else is called for, a preparedness in which we are well-balanced, energized but not tensed or anticipatory of a particular action, but lengthened, well-organized and well-toned, like an instrument that is tuned up and ready for playing.

If we are poised properly for whatever the next thing may be, we are much more likely to be able to carry that readiness into and through the actions we choose to task ourselves with, and perhaps to choose those tasks more wisely. It’s a way of developing who you choose to be, so that no matter what you do, you continue to be your best self while doing it.