Because it feels good

There are many reasons to practice Alexander Technique – the intention to reduce chronic pain, sing or play and instrument better, improve your golf game, you name it – but one of the most compelling reasons people stick with it is that it feels great.

Directing yourself to assume your full length and breadth, without any holding, bracing, hoisting or grasping, is more and more rewarding as you do it more often, and the benefits include breathing better, feeling taller and lighter, and easier and more fluid in your movements. It just feels wonderful. For most of us, that’s what gets us hooked. And once you get deeper into your learning curve, there is nothing to stop you feeling this way whenever you want to, on your own — in public without anybody even knowing you’re expanding and growing! — in private, enjoying a restorative spell of active rest (semi-supine directing) — and luxuriating in it.