Hi! I’m Elizabeth Hurwitt. Thanks for visiting.

I’m an AmSAT*-certified Alexander Teacher, newly but well trained (three years and 1600 hours of hands-on training to be exact) under training director of Tom Vasiliades. Tom’s teaching was most strongly influenced by his work with John Nichols and Walter Carrington, who received his training under F.M. Alexander, the creator of the Technique. That’s my “lineage” as a teacher.

I am offering my services at very affordable fees (please write me via the Comments section to discuss – my rates, for now at least, really are very, very affordable). I want to spread this wonderful work and help people use it (and themselves) well.

My own Alexander experience has helped give me the patience and stamina to advance myself in my other professional activities. That includes about twenty years in arts administration, during which I served as Executive Director with Bridgehampton Chamber Music and then New York Festival of Song – and now as Development Director for Copland House.

Raising money for the arts is not for sissies. It can pull you down if you let it. Alexander Technique keeps me and my spirits up in terms of the whole life picture. It’s a great way to orient myself toward the here and now with considerable desire to make things better. That’s a powerful tool that I want to share with others as a teacher.

*American Society for Alexander Technique